Hire The Best Certified Lead Generation Specialists

To Drive Demands Into Qualified Leads For Your Business


A brigade of highly trained lead generation specialists who are dedicated to delivering targeted leads to grow your business competitively.

A Revolutionary Marketplace To Fill Your Sales Pipeline

At LeadsHunter, our mission is to disrupt traditional advertising with a streamlined ‘SPEAR’ approach to lead generation.


Just like how you wouldn’t go hunting without a plan of attack, the first step of lead generation is all about strategizing. We begin by identifying your prospective customers and understanding their interests and needs so that you can be the solution to their problems.

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Leads On Demand Service At Your Disposal Boost Your Business Growth Strategy Effectively With Ease

01 Find A LeadsHunter

Search our LeadsHunter Directory to find a Certified Lead Generation Specialist right for you.

02 Introduce & Plan

Make an introduction outlining your business needs and let our LeadsHunter tailor a plan to do the heavy-lifting.

03 Lead Generation

Begin the lead generation process and only pay on a cost-per lead basis without worrying about ad spend and campaign management.

04 Get Qualified Leads

Get qualified leads in real-time via our lead automation software for instant notification, automated message, and lead scoring capabilities.

05 Lead Follow-Up

Prioritize your lead follow-up strategies and convert hot leads into sales to grow your business!

Let Our Specialized LeadsHunters Do The Grunt Work For You

No Commitment
No Ad Budget
No Vanity Metrics

Pre-Qualifying Leads To Save You Time

Why waste your time and effort looking for qualified leads when we can do it faster and most importantly, cheaper! Our lead-hunting strategies are tailored to help you identify your most wanted prospects so that you or your sales team can invest time on those that truly matter and convert them into sales!

Delivering Results With A Real Return On Investment

Unlike disreputable firms who adopt unethical practices to drive up your ad spend for smoke screen metrics, we strive to deliver you with results that contribute to your business success. You will only be paying for each lead that we deliver at an agreed upon price before we even start doing the work! Don’t worry about your marketing budget because that’s all on us!

Improving Morale & Productivity of Your Sales Team

Take the burden off your sales team - they thrive by closing sales, not by generating leads that may or may not move down the sales funnel. Not only will this improve your sales team’s morale, it will also increase their productivity so that they can just simply close! In addition to our lead automation software, your sales team will achieve a higher success rate by engaging with qualified leads while they are still highly interested in your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every LeadsHunter must go through an extensive 7-week tactical training to learn about different advertising and lead-hunting strategies for different business industries. In addition, they are required to pass a certification exam to receive the designation as a Certified Lead Generation Specialist. To keep our LeadsHunters’ professional craftsmanship up-to-date with industry trends, they are equipped with continuous training. Their certification will also need to be updated every year to maintain their designation.

Our LeadsHunter are highly trained to generate targeted leads based on your business needs. Following the SPEAR approach, we will devise a customized lead generation campaign dedicated for your business only. Please rest assured that we will not purchase or resell leads from other companies as it is against our privacy policy and ethical standards. In fact, you can test drive our LeadsHunter to generate you a few leads and decide whether you want to continue with the service or not.

The best part about hiring our Certified LeadsHunters is that there is no long-term commitment on your end. You have full control over how you want our LeadsHunter to help you and this contract relationship is established and agreed upon before starting.

The cost per lead varies depending on your business and the competitiveness in the market. Typically the cost per lead can range from $15 - $500 dollars. However, you can determine the maximum cost per lead you are willing to pay before any lead generation work begins. Remember you are only paying for the cost per lead. You do not need to worry about ad spend!

While all our LeadsHunter are trained to generate leads for different businesses, some LeadsHunter may have more experience in one area than others. This is why every LeadsHunter is segmented by industry tags so you can clearly see which industries they are experts in. In addition, each LeadsHunter has a profile that consists of their biography, work experience, and testimonials so you can make an informed decision. Of course, you can always contact the LeadsHunter first and see for yourself!

There are no setup or administrative fees. However, we ask that you create an account with our lead automation software, LeadsTunnel. All leads generated by our LeadsHunters will be automatically transferred to your CRM or email service provider of choice in real-time, allowing you to engage with them instantly through our automated messages and lead scoring capabilities. Together with our pre-qualifying lead generation process, you can easily turn them into sales opportunities for your business. See LeadsTunnel’s pricing plan here.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact support@leadshunter.com! Our team will respond to you as soon as possible.